Automation in Action

Raptis Pax has been assisting large and small business in automating their operations and driving efficiency for 30 years.  Many of our products are specifically designed in partnership with the major automation providers to ensure a trouble free process flow. 

For a list of our supply partners, or to talk to one of our design engineers, please refer to our contact page.

Off the Shelf…

package innovation shelf

Given our long history in the Australian market and extensive product range, there is a good chance we have an off the shelf solution for your packaging needs.

Review our standard product range here, or if you do not find exactly what you need talk to our customer service department who can assist you with all the designs we have available.

…or Customised Design?

package innovations 2

If you have a specific purpose in mind, we can make a tool for exactly this need.

Does your product require?

  • CPET Ovenable
  • Microwaveability
  • Sealing
  • UV Resistance
  • Long shelf Life/Modified atmosphere
  • Freezing
  • A specific shape or function

Talk to our This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and they will develop a prototype for your review.