Raptis Pax is Queensland’s largest thermoforming manufacturer and supplies the Australasian region with state of the art plastic packaging for major and independent supermarkets, wholesale food manufacturers and Australian farmers and grocers.

We specialise in the high volume production and distribution of food grade packaging in a variety of material specifications including PET, PP, PVC and PLA from our 8000m2 manufacturing facility in Brisbane.

Our end-to-end solutions include complete customisation and design services as well as value-added options such as supply chain support and exceptional customer service. By working hand in hand with our customers we help develop unique product experiences for a wide variety of consumer ranges.


Supply Chain


Raptis Pax understands how important it is to secure your supply chain in the Fast-Moving Consumer Goods sector.

This is why we offer our customers a range of supply chain solutions to guarantee their premium product delivery across the globe. Our experienced staff are always on call to accommodate your supply requirements and the size and scale of our operation allows for flexibility in order adjustments even with little notice.

Raptis Pax can provide:

  • Weekly stock on hand reports
  • DIFOT reporting
  • Assistance with forecasting
  • Warehousing capabilities
  • Fast door-to-door delivery service
  • Additional services such as labelling, sealing and flow wrapping

When working with Australia’s best known brands that demand success, high expectations can only be met by sharing equally high standards. We don’t compromise when it comes to serving the needs of our customers.

This places Raptis Pax as the clear leader in the manufacture and supply of packaging solutions. Talk to us today about the benefit of doing things The Raptis Way.

Quality Guarantee



Quality Assurance is a crucial aspect of operations at Raptis Pax. Quality shows up in our people, our service and of course, our product.

Our QA systems are tightly regulated and reviewed frequently to ensure the highest possible standard of excellence is consistently achieved and only the best product is dispatched from our facility.

This is achieved by implementing:

  • Best practice manufacturing procedures
  • Routine inspections of machinery and products
  • Ongoing quality risk identification and amendment procedures
  • Superior staff training

We are also proud to have been consistently awarded HACCP and ISO9001 quality certifications for our high-caliber operations.

Raptis Pax has 30 years’ of experience in manufacturing. Every time you purchase from us, you can rest assured that you will receive an exceptional product.

You can rely on our Quality Guarantee.